Hello World EP

by Enta

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recorded/mixed by Matt Farmer.
Art by Kyle Rotta

Nick Brannock- vocals/guitar
Daniel Lee- vocals/guitar
Andy Manaster- bass
Nelson Cowan- drums

songs written winter 2011.


released March 14, 2012



all rights reserved


Enta Champaign, Illinois

Enta is a post-rock/screamo band from Champaign, IL formed in the winter of 2011.

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Track Name: Moonshiners
The crowded streets we walk on crumble at our feet. Push on, be left behind. Just deny the same things you were told not to believe. The process of a pattern. In smoky back-room meetings they're curing the disease. A new breed dawning, the bastards from the sea. This is the age of liars. Perfected deceit. Our backs are old and broken working towards something great. Really was it worth it? The process of a pattern. Its selfless, I'm sure. I've been trying to believe in an everlasting truth but there's nothing that remains of a purpose. You mistook those demons for angels now you bury everything you ever loved. Was it worth it? In mourning all truths will come. Prayers gone unanswered, they'll say "Where was your heart?" Here lies hope. They'll take what they want, their legions all armed to the teeth. We have nothing.
Track Name: Brothers Beckoned
Old man, speaking in tongues, the valor of old days. The lost words. Repeat the scripture, rally the masses of lost souls. I can't hear you if you've never spoken. A knife in the back speaks louder than the words you ever spoke of love and peace. No hope. My crimes were exposed as brothers beckoned me home. Mothers and fathers applauded as their own beared the torch and pressed on. They fear your cause is one lost, without intervention.Left lone to your man-made will, your legs will cave underneath. You'd fold your hands, if your fingers weren't crossed behind your back (for lies, or luck? you wonder... as do I) Perhaps those vows were nothing more than insurance that your life after would be just as vibrant as before .It only divides us.
Track Name: Ethics and Standards
I see your face, a broken mirror in my mind and in each frame a new chapter, like a scrapbook of your downfall. Are you sick to death of filling in the space thats in the shape where your heart was? With every footstep you take, another earthquake, the earth shakes. Why must you speak so loud? And there is comfort in knowing I will never see a Wisconsin sunrise and see your face. Your future is set and I know that you know that I know. In the box where you keep your memories, take my picture, start a fire. Let it warm you. It would not be the first time. Push on young dreamer. Push on young hope. You'll never make it with nothing in your heart.
Track Name: For Future Present Tense
There’s a world of difference that could lead to severance. Shift my eyes to promises.turn my head from weaknesses. Don’t let this win, been dying to reach the end. Treading past the dissonance. Red hot faces, they protest. Spectators gaze in dissent unaware of its hindrance. I won’t let this win. Now you’re confiding in the enemy. I’d be caught dead in this place, Can’t keep my head out of this place
Track Name: Bad Friends With Good Habits
Destruction of bridges by furious winds and the fires that spread from our home. They could never have handled the weight of the world, the steel and the cables gave way. Say goodbye with second glances, from the heart that I called my home. I can now make peace with tomorrow, falling in the river below. I treaded water for what felt like days. The animals around me, my family. Life was a river, we all have to swim. And I'll never forget that as long as I live. The water took its icy toll on us, the survivors cast adrift into the sea. And down that river were a hundred different streams, the current tore us apart. Who's to say which is the high road, which is the low, if red herrings are true. Reconciling meanings under a neutral sky, godspeed us to sea. Don't let your head forget your heart. Don't let your heart be fooled. And if your home is down the road I hope it leads you back here. I'll never forget this as long as I live: We can begin where we began down the road.